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Dangerous Places: Illustrated Cards to Inspire Adventures

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Over 30 Beautifully Illustrated Cards to Fuel New Adventures

  • Quickly create side-quests or ad-hoc campaigns by using the Mysteries and Conflicts on the back of each card
  • Use Dangerous Places cards to "render" new areas when your player characters wander outside of your planned adventure.
  • Lay out the cards in a grid to rapidly create a world map
  • Or just use the art to give life to your own adventures.

What's in the box?

35 5"x7" two-sided, high-gloss cards. Each card is made from a thick cardboard, not cheap paper -- ensuring your Dangerous Places cards will stand the test of time. The Dangerous Place inked illustration is on the front size of the card, printed to the edge. On the back are three mysteries and conflicts to help you shape the story. You can pick randomly from them with a single die 6.

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About the creators

Dangerous Places is created by siblings Amanda (awesome illustrator) and Steven (everything else). It's larged based on locations from past adventures with my own fantasy RPG group. I created Dangerous Places because I wanted a way to quickly create side-quests and to make my otherwise empty world filled with really interesting places that felt like they had some character to them, rather than just randomly generating dungeons.

I really hope you love your set as much as we loved creating them.